April 7, 2017

Okay, I’m prototyping here.  Bottom line it’s finally gotten through my thick skull that assembling a weeks worth of content and putting it out there once-a-week is a LOT to consume all-at-once. So I’m going to try a new angle here. I’m not going to post every day – rather almost every day.

I will post when there is content I think is worthy of posting – also conditioned on when I come across it (sometimes I just don’t get around to it – day job you know).

Some days will be light and others heavy.

Some posts will include a summary like those found in the Featured or Briefs section and at other times there will only be links.  Additionally I’ll sort the links now by categories and will post graphics within those categories as well.

Hopefully this makes the experience better for you and for me.

If you disagree, let me know.



WSJ – Not a Dot-Com Bubbles, Not 2007, but a Nasty Mix of Both – James Mackintosh 4/6

  • “There is so much more debt than usual being piled up by companies outside the finance sector.”

Sovereign Wealth Funds

FT – Norway’s oil fund wants CEO incentive plans scrapped – Richard Milne 4/6

  • “Norway’s $910bn oil fund, which on average owns 1.3% of every listed company in the world, will start pressing companies to end such incentives [long-term incentive plans] and instead force chief executives to own substantial stakes in their companies for periods of at least five and preferably 10 years. It will also urge boards to name a ceiling for possible pay.”

Asia – excluding China and Japan

NYT – Duterte Orders Military to Parts of South China Sea Claimed by Philippines – Felipe Villamor 4/6

  • “We tried to be friends with everybody, but we have to maintain our jurisdiction now, at least the areas under our control.” – President Rodrigo Duterte


Economist – The EU27 and the Brexit negotiations – Data Team 4/5


FT – Beijing plan to transform village into tech city sparks property frenzy – Charles Clover and Sherry Fei Ju 4/6

  • China has decided to make a new economic zone in the Hebei province outside of Beijing to be named Xiongan New Area.


FT – Spain: Boom to bust and back again – Tobias Buck 4/6

  • “The economy is finally set to return to its pre-crisis level. But have the reforms come at too high a price?”

South America

NYT – Mud Erased a Village in Peru, a Sign of Larger Perils in South America – Nicholas Casey and Andrea Zarate 4/6

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  1. Duff,

    This is a great change! I usually save your post until Sunday since it takes quite a while to get to all the interesting stuff. If you start sending it in smaller posts I can read with my morning coffee when they come in. I love the graphics!



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