And the yields keep going low-low-low

This is just bananas.

WSJ – Daily Shot: Arbor Research – Sovereign 10-yr Yields 7/25/19

And not on the chart…

WSJ – Daily Shot: Switzerland 10yr Government Bond Yield 7/25/19

So I suppose it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that VCs be busy putting capital to work.

WSJ – Daily Shot: statista – US Venture Capital Funding 07/25/19

And from Mike MacKenzie of the Financial Times, he covered a recent IMF report that the US $100 bill has overtaken the $1 bill in terms of circulation volume.

As the IMF note, most $100 bills are held abroad and geopolitical uncertainty may well be driving global demand for holding plenty of “Benjamins”. (The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago says nearly 80% of $100 bills — and more than 60% of all US bills — are overseas, up from roughly 30% in 1980.) 

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