March 19, 2018

Worthy Insights / Opinion Pieces / Advice

NYT – ‘Testilying’ by Police: A Stubborn Problem – Joseph Goldstein 3/18

Top Down Charts – A Familiar if Ominous Sign in the US IPO Market – Callum Thomas 3/13

Real Estate

WSJ – Daily Shot: John Burns RE Consulting – US Housing Supply Overview 3/15

WSJ – Daily Shot: FRED – US Commercial RE Loans – Percentage Change YoY  3/15


Bloomberg Businessweek – Was This Oil Giant Smart or Just Lucky? – Kevin Crowley and Javier Blas 3/7

  • “Chevron’s long-ignored acreage in the Permian Basin has made it a shale leader.”

Cryptocurrency / ICOs

Bloomberg – Crypto Advocates Push For Regulatory Guidance at Congressional Hearing – Lily Katz 3/14

Bloomberg – Technology Meant to Make Bitcoin Money Again Is Now Live – Camila Russo 3/15


Business Insider – Tesla’s newest rival just highlighted a big problem for the company that no one is talking about – Matthew DeBord 3/10

  • Segmentation.


WSJ – China’s Super-Regulator Can’t Kill Shadow Banking – Nathaniel Taplin 3/13

Visual Capitalist – Visualizing China’s Most Ambitious Megaproject – Jeff Desjardins 3/15


FT – Backlash grows over Chinese deals for Germany’s corporate jewels – Guy Chazan 3/12


Bloomberg Businessweek – Convenience-Store Squeeze Shows Deflation Dilemma Facing BOJ – Lisa Du and Yuko Takeo 3/5


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