September 12, 2017


Vox – Why Hollywood keeps making the same kinds of movies, in one chart – Alissa Wilkinson 9/7

WEF – This developed country’s shadow economy is worth one-fifth of its GDP – Charlotte Edmond 8/29

Worthy Insights / Opinion Pieces / Advice

FT – The lessons of Hurricane Harvey – Nick Butler 9/10

  • “The most important lesson for the energy sector emerging from Hurricane Harvey is that the key issue of energy security is no longer physical shortages of fuel supplies but the quality of the infrastructure system that takes energy to the final consumer.”
  • “As the waters recede, Hurricane Harvey should serve as a reminder that we live in a world where stability and continuity are the exception rather than the norm. The systems we depend on have to be built, and wherever necessary rebuilt, to minimize the disruption caused by events that are beyond all prediction.”


WSJ – Daily Shot: Baker Hughes US Crude Oil Rotary Rig Count 9/10


WSJ – Daily Shot: Swiss Re US Wind Cat Bond Price Return Index 9/8


Bloomberg – China’s Latest Bond Default Is a Cautionary Tale for Investors – Lianting Tu, Yuling Yang, Jun Luo, and Judy Chen 9/10

  • “Lulled by years of implicit government support for troubled companies, locals are now having to get acquainted with defaults, which have risen six-fold since the end of 2015 as Beijing shuts down unproductive industries. It’s also placing scrutiny on underwriters, with companies like Wuyang Construction accused by investors of holding back information and providing inconsistent financial figures.”
  • “Beijing’s bailout track record has made Chinese bond investors complacent, according to Yu Lu, a senior analyst at China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co. in Beijing.”
  • “’Investors in China still focus too much on yields rather than risk,’ Yu said. ‘The implicit guarantee in this country has led to poor risk control — they should enhance due diligence and strengthen their analysis of risk.’”

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