August 22, 2017


WSJ – Daily Shot: Business Insider – Most Popular Food Restaurants by State 8/21

Bloomberg – How Far Does $1 Million Go in Retirement – Suzanne Woolley 8/21

Bloomberg View – Trump-Friendly Idaho Doesn’t Put America First – Matthew Winkler 8/18

Worthy Insights / Opinion Pieces / Advice

The Registry – McNellis: Hollowing out the Museum – John McNellis 8/21

  • “(Housing) Density is like heaven: everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.”

FT – Will China buy Saudi Aramco – Nick Butler 8/20

Markets / Economy

FT – More companies sell bonds to fund pension obligations – Eric Platt 8/20

  • “This is a Goldilocks moment for companies who want to fund their pensions given the hunger for yield and attractive returns today.” – Owais Rana, Conning (an investment management company)

Real Estate

Bloomberg – Manhattan Gets $20,000-a-Month Homes for New Breed of Seniors – Oshrat Carmiel 8/21


WSJ – Daily Shot: Baltic Dry Index 8/18

  • Enough consolidation has occurred to the point that shipping costs are back up.

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