August 2, 2017

Worthy Insights / Opinion Pieces / Advice

Politico – My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump – Jeff Flake 7/31

  • “We created him, and now we’re rationalizing him. When will it stop?”

Markets / Economy

WSJ – Late Credit-Card Payments Stoke Fears for Banks – AnnaMaria Andriotis 7/31

Health / Medicine

Bloomberg Businessweek – Here’s Why Yellen’s Fed Cares About America’s Opioid Epidemic – Jeanna Smialek 7/19

  • “An estimated 2.7 million adults over the age of 26 were misusing painkillers as of 2015, while another 236,000 currently used heroin, based on test Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration data. While opioid abusers account for a tiny sliver in a workforce of 160 million, they probably make up a greater share of the 7 million who are unemployed.”


Bloomberg Businessweek – Dead Bodies Start Piling Up as Fuel Theft Booms in Mexico – Amy Stillman 7/25

  • “Gasoline theft costs Mexico’s state-owned oil company more than $1 billion a year. And the country stands to lose a lot more if investors are spooked by the growing violence.”

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