April 18, 2017

Markets / Economy

Economist – Cash-strapped pensioners: America has a retirement problem, not a saving problem 4/18


WSJ – The Risk of Rising Consumer Borrowing – Aaron Back 4/17


Value Walk – If The China Property Bubble Bursts, Banks And Individual Wealth Likely More Impacted – Mark Melin 4/12

  • “The risk of the China property bubble bursting and impacting the macroeconomic environment ‘has become more pronounced,’ Moody’s analysis observes. In fact, if a property bubble does burst, its impact would be more diffuse, impacting not only the supply chain as it has in the past, but more significantly the banking system and consumer wealth effect.”
  • “The impact of home ownership on household wealth has been on the rise. In 2013, it represented 62.3% of all Chinese personal wealth and has steadily risen since. In 2015 it was 65.3% and in 2016 it grew to 68.8% of all wealth in the Asian nation.”

WSJ – The Danger in China’s Dual Debt Cycle – Anjani Trivedi 4/18

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