April 13, 2017

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Markets / Economy

WSJ – Inflation Is Back, But Don’t Worry – Steven Russolillo 4/12

  • “Good news: Inflation just topped a key milestone. Even better news: It doesn’t look poised to zoom much higher from here.”

Real Estate

WSJ – Daily Shot: CME Random Length Lumber Futures 4/12

WSJ – Where High-End Renovations Cost $704,000 – Stefanos Chen 4/13


NYT – More Permafrost Than Thought May Be Lost as Planet Warms – Henry Fountain 4/11

South America

FT – Venezuela’s PDVSA makes $2.2bn bond payment – Andres Schipani 4/12

FT – Brazil makes big cut to rates as inflation falls close to target – Joe Leahy 4/12

  • “The cut, which accelerated an easing cycle that began in October, was the biggest since the global financial crisis in 2009, with the central bank reducing the benchmark Selic rate from 12.5% to 11.25%.”
  • “The fall in rates were possible because inflation had plummeted by half over the past six months to levels close to the center of the central bank’s target band of 4.5%, plus or minus 1.5% points.”

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