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May 25, 2017


If you were to read only one thing…

WSJ – China’s Downgrade: It’s Not Just About the Government – Anjani Trivedi 5/24


FT – A warning on Trump’s budget – Lawrence Summers 5/23

Worthy Insights / Opinion Pieces / Advice

Mauldin Economics | Thoughts from the Frontline – The Great Reset: How Should We Then Invest? 5/22

Real Estate

NYT – Malaysian Money. Opulent Ideas. But Now, for Park Lane, a Forced Sale. – Charles Bagli 5/23

Health / Medicine

Economist – Fentanyl is the next wave of America’s opioid crisis 5/20

Asia – excluding China and Japan

Economist – Malaysia’s system of racial preferences should be scrapped 5/18


Bloomberg – China Whacks Another Mole With Developers’ Dollar Bonds in Focus – Carrie Hong, Lianting Tu, and Molly Wei 5/18

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