The What:

In The Janus Observer, I will cover what I perceive to be key trends/articles that pop up on a regular basis (almost daily).  I will generally avoid topics that are across the front page of every paper and are covered in nightly news programs. Further, you will find that real estate articles/commentary may come up more often than it would in general news coverage.  Real estate is an important asset class and serves as a meaningful indicator of trends; and it’s what I do.

My commentary is not meant to be comprehensive and I would encourage you to click the links to read the full articles if you’re interested.

You’ll find a list of where I find the articles in the SOURCES tab.

The Why:

I started this site/blog for two primary reasons, 1) to distribute meaningful information more effectively, and 2) to clarify-expand my thoughts on what I read.

Often after reading a good article one of my first thoughts is wow, I need to share this information, and generally the immediate people that come to mind tend to be those close by or whom I am in frequent contact – clearly this limits distribution.

In regard to the second point, I often found myself with contextual knowledge of trends; however, I didn’t find that my thoughts were well organized or that I could recall too many statistics in support of my thoughts.  At least for me, going through the exercise of reading with a purpose and then further writing about the articles is a great way of adding clarity to thinking.

The Who:

I was a co-founder of Form Partners LLC, a Hawaii and Phoenix based commercial real estate development company. Now I work for a public REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). A more specific bio can be found on LinkedIn. Essentially, my background is in finance and I’ve had keen interest in world events and economics for the last 18 years. I’ve been reading The Economist every week since I graduated from College and have added numerous other sources along the way.


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